4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Monday, June 14, 2021

60% of Americans haven't taken the steps needed to prepare a will or other documents regarding their estate. This could be an issue for yourself and family members, especially once you've passed.

If you're considering hiring an estate planning attorney, you're making the right decision. Before you start working with an estate planning lawyer, there are some questions you need to get the answers to.

1. What Are The Cost of Your Services?

During your first meeting with the estate planning lawyer, there are several things you should figure out. After all, they will be helping you work out the details when it comes to your financers and other legal affairs' once you've passed.

Before you begin the work, you need to ask what the cost of the lawyer's services is. This will ensure that you're not surprised by any hidden cost or the total of services once you receive your invoice.

Also, you may want to ask the lawyer if you have to pay for the initial meeting or if it's provided to potential clients for free.

2. What's Included in the Fees?

The next question you should ask the estate planning lawyer once you've covered the cost of their services is what's included in their services. Does the fee include a review of your documents regularly?

If you want to make changes in the future to your documents, will this cost extra, or is it already included in the provided services? You need to have a clear picture of what your payment will cover.

If the payment doesn't cover everything you would like it to, you need to continue your search for a lawyer who meets your needs.

3. Do You Offer Advice When It Comes to Decision Making?

The right estate lawyer will do more than help you get your estate documents in order. They will also be there to offer you advice regarding decisions such as purchasing insurance or planning for your retirement.

These decisions will affect your financial outlook meaning you should ensure you make the best decision possible for your future.

4. What Is Your Communication Style?

Communication when dealing with legal matters regarding finances is crucial. Your estate planning lawyer should accommodate you and your needs in a way that is easy to understand and effective.

Your lawyer should always be responsive to you when you have questions or other concerns regarding your estate planning.

Finding the Right Estate Planning Attorney

Finding an estate planning attorney to meet your needs can be challenging. But, it gets easier if you ask the right questions.

You need to figure out the attorney's communication style and get a better understanding of what your fees cover. Still, looking for an attorney to assist with your estate planning needs?

Contact MG Law. We have years of experience that you're going to need on your side to ensure that things are filed the way you want them to be no matter what.

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