5 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Monday, July 19, 2021

Did you know that in the United States, there are more than nine million Americans collecting social security disability? But, this large number does not guarantee the process to file and collect payments is easy. In fact, without a social security disability lawyer, your chances of an approved application could be low.

That's because the average person's filing mistake or lack of legal understanding could cost valuable time and money. You may feel prepared or knowledgeable to tackle your own application. But capability doesn't always promise the results you need.

Remember that a lawyer is your advocate and has the professional experience to tackle your case. Read on to discover why you should save yourself the time and hassle by hiring a social security disability attorney.

1. You May Face Rejection on Your Own

Have you started the social security disability application process? Did you know that the average social security disability case could be rejected when you file on your own?

That means delays in receiving your settlement. Why does this happen? Sometimes, a rejected application has nothing to do with the validity of your case.

But, because the average person doesn't understand what paperwork is needed or medical forms to submit, the application may be considered incomplete. The best social security disability lawyer like Monastra & Grater, LLC know the exact procedure and proper paperwork to submit on your behalf.

2. Lawyers Guide You Through the Appeals Process

In the event of a case rejection, don't worry. A social security disability lawyer can take on the appeals process and manage through this trying time. While it is not uncommon to receive an application rejection, the experience can feel unsettling. Leave the details of the appeal in the hands of an attorney.

3. Lawyers Handle Legal and Medical Matters

Are you unsure about the complexities of your case? Lawyers know the social security disability system and the pertinent laws. But, they have the expert knowledge to handle medical matters.

Do you know what supporting medical evidence is needed to submit your claim? An attorney can help you access the proper evidence.

4. Stress Free Case Management

Social security disability lawyers know you are busy. You probably feel a lot of stress around unemployment and the future.

When you hire an attorney, rest easy knowing your case is managed at the highest professional level. Attorneys take the time to analyze your case and may even reveal details or opportunities you would have overlooked on your own.

5. You Need an Advocate

Going through the social security disability process is a challenging and stressful time. Social security disability attorneys like Monastra & Grater, LLC have dedicated their professional careers to advocating for clients' rights. They will work hard to submit, appeal if needed, and get the settlement you deserve.

Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney for the Best Results

Whether you need to file your first application or face serious issues like a social security disability lawsuit, you need to hire an attorney to guide you through the process. A social security disability lawyer has the experience and insight to apply for the disability settlement you need.

Do you have specific questions about your social security disability case? Contact Monastra & Grater, LLC to learn how the legal team can help.

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